The Built Environment.

This refers to man-made surroundings that provide the activity for human life. This can form a town or city, to a personal living space. The built environment is identified as the opposite to the natural enviroment. When people think of man-made they think of popular towns and cities where most people live. Everyone lives near a built enviroment. There are different types: cities, villages, towns, and farm land. Every building of the built environment has a an architect. Even land that has been interfered with by man such as farms and gardens is a built environment because it has not occured naturally.
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Toyko, Mexico City and New York are some of the biggest cities in the world! With an estimated population of over 21.9 million!
The built environment is focused around architecture.
The government is trying to raise the standard of the built environment by promoting design and architecture.

This is a image of a city built environment. These are common in capitals.
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This is an image of the Sydney bridge in Australia.
This is the built environmental tree!

This is an image of the farmland on the British coastline.
WARNING! Although we view the built environment as a home, pollution that comes from most cities, can cause an effect on the natural enviroment and our health. There has been an rising in chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart-disease and asthma across many countries.

This is, Dr. Richard Pan discussing health and the built environment at the Great Valley Center Conference on May 7, 2009 in Sacramento.